Bird Picture Description

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Black

Diet: Like the Herring Gull and its crow cousins, they eat anything.

Info: Subject of an old wives tale, if you see two magpies its for luck.


Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Grey, Brown and Green

Diet: They feast on bread chucked by people.

Info: Common all year round, they often attack their own kind!

Mandarin Duck

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Brown, Purple, Yellow and White

Diet: Vegetation

Info: Have only appeared in the UK in droves having migrated from the Far East.


Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Black and Brown

Diet: A lot of stuff found in the water!

Info: They can be found on land miles away from their home.

Mute Swan

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: White

Diet: Molluscs, Insects and Bread.

Info: They are protected under the law by the Queen.


Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Green

Diet: They eat seeds from trees.

Info: Noisy birds and easy to spot in the air thanks to its green plumage.


Habitat: Woodland

Plumage Colours: Brown

Diet: Small bits of food like seeds and grain.

Info: Often killed for sport by hunters. Has appeared on the odd occasion in Bushy Park.

Pied Wagtail

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Black and White

Diet: Insects.

Info: Can be hard to spot thanks to its size and blending in with the colour of pedestrian pavements.

Red Crested Pochard

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Orange, Black and Red

Diet: Vegetation found by the edge of water.

Info: Found in during the Autumn to Winter stage.


Habitat: Urban & Woodland

Plumage Colours: Red and White

Diet: They like to eat mealworms, which are sold in supermarkets and bird food shops.

Info: Associated with Christmas, they are known to fight to the death despite the cute appearance.