Bird Picture Description

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Brown, Yellow and Black

Diet: Like to eat seeds and small insects.

Info: Small colourful bird with an interesting song consisting of many notes.

Great Crested Grebe

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Brown and White

Diet: They duck (no pun intended) into the water and grab fish floating around.

Info: Their plumage changes colour during non-breeding and the breeding season.

Great Tit

Habitat: Urban and Woodland

Plumage Colours: Green, White, Black and Yellow

Diet: Similar to the Blue Tit.

Info: Slightly bigger than the aforementioned Blue Tit, their song is different too.

Green Woodpecker

Habitat: Woodland

Plumage Colours: Green

Diet: They love to eat ants.

Info: Woodpeckers are common arboreal creatures but the Green Woodpecker likes to hunt on foot.

Grey Heron

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: White and Grey

Diet: Feasts on Amphibians and some baby birds.

Info: If you see them creeping around, that is how they grab their meal.

Herring Gull

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: White and Grey

Diet: Anything they can find, even if that means attacking people to get a meal.

Info: Very common around the coasts, their nests are located on rooftops.

House Sparrow

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Brown

Diet: Eat seeds and some small creatures.

Info: They are in a state of decline due to the lack of nests available.


Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Black

Diet: They like to feast on young birds and leftovers of food such as fruit and eggs.

Info: Smaller than the Carrion Crow, very common in Bushy and Richmond Park.


Habitat: Urban & Woodland

Plumage Colours: Brown, Black and White

Diet: Acorns, seeds and insects.

Info: Jay's collect acorns around the seasons of autumn and winter, storing them underground for later consumption.