Bird Picture Description

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Black

Diet: Their beak penetrates the soil where it grabs small insects and worms, which surface when the ground is wet.

Info: Small bird with a yellow beak that hops around. The females are brown in appearance.

Black Headed Gull

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: White (Black depending on the time of year)

Diet: They fly into the water and nab fish with their beaks, as they also surface on land they eat leftovers disposed by people.

Info: Noisy bird that hangs around in flocks, they are slightly smaller than the Herring Gull.

Blue Tit

Habitat: Urban and Woodland

Plumage Colours: Blue, White, Black and Yellow

Diet: Perch on branches where it eats berries and eats small insects from the ground.

Info: Small bird with a sweet, elegant song that often hang around with Great Tits.

Canada Goose

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Brown and Black

Diet: They love their greens (no lie!) as vegetation is their favourite meal. Although people have fed geese bread that often leads to overcrowding.

Info: Very noisy bird, big in size that detests people going to their goslings.

Carrion Crow

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Black

Diet: Crows eat basically anything they can swallow!

Info: Hard to miss, they like to congregate in areas with big crowds and residential spaces.

Collared Dove

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Light pink

Diet: They like to eat seeds from bird tables.

Info: Medium sized bird that has a coo-coo-coo song.


Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Black and White

Diet: They eat vegetation when on land and molluscs such as snails.

Info: Coots build a nest of twigs in the middle of the water where they lay their eggs.


Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Black and Brown

Diet: Only one thing, fish!

Info: Large bird that have been found in the Thames and other water environments, it has a reptile like posture.

Egyptian Goose

Habitat: Water

Plumage Colours: Brown, Yellow and White

Diet: Like many of the water birds, they eat grass.

Info: Far more placid than the Canada Goose. They have appeared in Bushy Park only recently and possibly other locations.

Feral Pigeon

Habitat: Urban

Plumage Colours: Grey and Black

Diet: Supposedly eat seeds however they eat food dropped by pedestrians.

Info: Found in huge numbers in town and city centres, known to fly very dangerously close to people's faces!